Under the Sun

We went picking strawberries today. I wanted to pick some for jams, cakes and for freezing for the winter. We had planned it for a couple weeks now and we probably got a bit late because I merely got 2 pounds of it in an hour. Oh, well, next year, we’ll be faster. It was, … Continue reading

Summer Time Kicks in with Cherries

That was fast! I mean, recently I hardly have time to sit and post and now the second post is coming out this weekend (in fact I started typing last night)…Summer is here and cannot be stopped! So, my mom got awarded at her multinational workplace, and since it is a global award she is … Continue reading

Summer Jamming

  Posts coming soon…

Summer lovin’

Have you ever felt that you feel the beginning of summer? I have. And today was just like that. Perfect summer day…and it all just started… Waking up without alarm clocks, going for a run by the river in the sunshine and kicking off the canning season with some gorgeous elderberry flowers. Though I did … Continue reading