Under the Sun

We went picking strawberries today. I wanted to pick some for jams, cakes and for freezing for the winter. We had planned it for a couple weeks now and we probably got a bit late because I merely got 2 pounds of it in an hour. Oh, well, next year, we’ll be faster. It was, … Continue reading

Summer lovin’

Have you ever felt that you feel the beginning of summer? I have. And today was just like that. Perfect summer day…and it all just started… Waking up without alarm clocks, going for a run by the river in the sunshine and kicking off the canning season with some gorgeous elderberry flowers. Though I did … Continue reading

Secret Garden

I have always dreamt of a secret garden – the sort where you can hide away from everyday trouble, where your heart is healed and your soul finds peace anytime. Like in the book where the kids transform and become happy – I love that story… I know having a garden is quite a challenge … Continue reading