When the stars align… III.

Meet-up #3 with Tom Szaky, the founder of TerraCycle This meet-up was organized by the U.S. Embassy for its Alumni and for some reason I managed to make it this time. There are always a lot of interesting people there and since everyone is rowing in the same boat having returned from the States after … Continue reading

When the stars align… II.

Meet-up #2 – or I should say happening #2 Budapest Eat Love by Marije Vogelzang I saw the announcement on the facebook page of a Chili&Vanília, one of the most popular foodblogs. It invited everyone for the unique performance of the famous Dutch eating designer, Marije Vogelzang. The invitation said she was going to have … Continue reading

When the stars align… I.

…it feels different and you know something good is about to happen. It doesn’t have to sweep you off your feet, it doesn’t have to tremble (it could of course), you don’t have to WHY it is happening, you just feel inside that what is happening, what you hear and what you see is building … Continue reading