What about a chocolaty late night snack?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m pretty sure I am not the only one randomly having late night cravings for something sweet and crispy and chocolaty to munch on…Or am I? No way! I have a strong feeling that at least some of you have that every once in a while. Or at least have had it once in life. … Continue reading

S’more Granola Bars Hooked Me Up with Mr. Marshmallow

granola and marshmallow and chocolate

Marshmallows and I always had issues…up until the moment I was introduced to s’mores, this dangerously gooey treat of chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Still not a fan of raw marshmallows though. For some reason I thought for months when studying abroad that eating granola bars with any filling is bound to make me healthy, look … Continue reading