Weekend breakfast dreams…braided bread and hot chocolate

Weekend breakfast

Do you have a regular breakfast ingredient on weekends? I am a breakfast addict and love puttering in the kitchen in the morning when the sun shines right through the window. These are the most peaceful moments of the day and I love sinking in them. Especially on weekends. And when I was little, weekend … Continue reading

Anna vs. Macarons – Let’s Call It A Tie!


I have so much to tell you but I better to stick to one thing at a time. I think I was cheating last time when I said I would give you the recipe of macaron as I only got to list the ingredients with some tip-like remarks. I even left you with a little … Continue reading

This Is How I Got Obsessed with Macarons

Macaron Ingredients

Hi y’all! I’ve been pondering all week, taking notes in my mind as usual on how I’m actually going to make the first real baking post work…then I stopped thinking. I guess I just have to start writing and it will all roll out in front of your eyes. I had been preparing to make … Continue reading