Mini Pies Inspired from the Heart

So, a week after I planned posting this recipe I am finally sharing it with you. To be honest, it wasn’t a total hit. Actually not many people liked it, but I was very proud of myself making it. I just watched a Ferrán Adriá lecture at Harvard and felt the urge and inspiration to … Continue reading

Ginger-Banana infused AHA moment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (cause that’s another thing I like doing sometimes). About where and what to do; why and does it even make sense to study to become a pastry chef (if pretty much very third person  know has another one-two-three friends studying to be one and that’s pretty scary)? And if … Continue reading

Green Reform or Weird Dessert for Shrek

It all started with me going to the grocery store one summer morning (yeah, it was like three months ago) and buying more avocados than I could think of using…then I just didn’t use all of them and got stuck with the ingredient. And of course then I started wondering if I could use the … Continue reading

Live Life Like There’s No Tomorrow…

Peanut butter pie for Mikey

I walked home from work on Friday afternoon, had an ice cream and talked to one of my best friends’ on the way home…It was a lovely walk. Before going to bed I saw a shooting star and made a wish and it made me realize how little  things can bring joy to life if … Continue reading

Apple Pie of Fairy Tales

I still believe in fairy tales. I know it’s pretty childish but I think believing in fairy tales gives a little extra sparkle to get you through the every-day rush; makes you smile at the happy ending and reminds you of your magical childhood when all you believed in was fairy tales. Do you remember … Continue reading

Rooting for Beet

I used to be very picky when it came to food in my childhood. I hardly ate anything – meaning: I only ate what I liked. And much of that. And this didn’t give me too much to choose from. I even spat my Mom in the eye (age 1) with the food I didn’t … Continue reading

Ana Banana and Her Monkey Business

Banana bread

I have realized that when writing a cake blog or any kind of food blog I have to pay attention to the seasons. I cannot just bake weeks in a row, take pictures and then post recipes whenever. Cause who would find raspberry in February or pumpkin in May?…I’m pretty sure they are available but … Continue reading

Rapid Cheese Sticks

So, here I am with another traditional guest treat or hostess gift snack for you. Once upon a time my Mom got this supersimple recipe from a colleague or a family member. Then it just got stuck with us – especially with me. I always have some dough in the freezer so I can prepare … Continue reading

What about a chocolaty late night snack?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m pretty sure I am not the only one randomly having late night cravings for something sweet and crispy and chocolaty to munch on…Or am I? No way! I have a strong feeling that at least some of you have that every once in a while. Or at least have had it once in life. … Continue reading

Going Nuts About Nutella Brownies

Magic Nutella brownies

When I first spent a year in the States I was advised to try everything new since I never knew what I could do later on or never again. This was the case with food as well. I tried chocolate chip cookies, apple pies with vanilla ice cream and brownies as well of course…then I … Continue reading