What dreams may come…

We attended a wedding last night. The kind that went like a fairy tale. It was full of kindness, cute surprises, handmade gifts for guests, but most of all love. The couple’s story is like a fairy tale but just because this is a baking blog, I would stick around my story (even if that … Continue reading

Birthday BOOM!

Do people have more birthdays in November than in any other month?…It seems like to me. And I am ever so grateful for this whimsical (is this word even fitting here?) phenomenon because this means I get to practice a lot! So after a parade of family birthdays last week I made two cakes for … Continue reading

Practice makes perfect decoration

Chocolate attempts

I’ve got news for you! I’ve been editing pics today (and btw happy belated Easter holidays to everyone!) which means I have some material to post and this is quite promising since I have been falling way behind with the blog. In my defense, I have been diligently going to the confectionary and been practicing … Continue reading