I wish you a happy and peaceful December with my first gingerbread house (OK, second, but the first one was made like ten or even fifteen years ago…). I made it at the confectionary I intern at and I guess I’ll be making a lot of these this season, will you? Hull-a-hó és hózik-zik-zik…és a … Continue reading

274 Years Worth of Birthdays

My grandparents turned 155 this week.  They haven’t found the elixir for eternal life, but something close to that. They have six amazing children with fourteen more amazing grandchildren and 4 even more amazing great-grandchildren. I guess this is as close as it can get to eternal living. They have spent more than half a … Continue reading

November Thoughts for Food

Happy Monday Everybody! Here are my links for this exciting and promising week! I am participating in a cool project for an event coming up next year so I’m looking forward to that! My Mom has her birthday this Wednesday, my Grandpa is turning 80 this Thursday and my Grandma is turning 75 on Friday! … Continue reading