Long Weekend Here We Come

Tomorrow we have a national holiday where we commemorate the 1848 revolution in Hungary. Great times! Especially that it provides a fabulous spring long weekend of four entire days. In the morning everybody came in the office with T.G.I.F. expression on their face and I couldn’t resist to daydream about the goodies I’d be baking … Continue reading

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year to all! And happy blogiversary to me! I hope you had a great holiday season with family, friends and loved ones. My amateur but rather enthusiastic blog of sweet dreams is now a toddler and I am ever so excited what this coming year is bringing for us! Due to some unforeseen … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving to Y’All!

I Conquered V-day with Nutella Brownies

What I love in holidays and special occasions is that they are something to look forward to in between days of our busy life. These red (or pink) letter days sneak in and lift you up, fill you with joy and energy and give you a boost for what is coming up next. I always … Continue reading