It’s all coming back

It is those days when there is just not much time for baking because the work load is weighing us down nowadays. I stayed in the office late tonight too (DEFINITELY NOT complaining) and after getting home watching my favorite TV shows sometimes relaxes me. So I made some dinner and watched Glee. Felt so … Continue reading

Summer lovin’

Have you ever felt that you feel the beginning of summer? I have. And today was just like that. Perfect summer day…and it all just started… Waking up without alarm clocks, going for a run by the river in the sunshine and kicking off the canning season with some gorgeous elderberry flowers. Though I did … Continue reading

Saturday morning fever

Market goodies

You wake up, open your eyes, stretch and see the sun shining right through the window. You know it’s gonna be a good day. You look at the clock and it’s not even 8 am. You lie in bed, snooze a little but in a couple of minutes you get up, wash your face, look … Continue reading