It’s all coming back

It is those days when there is just not much time for baking because the work load is weighing us down nowadays. I stayed in the office late tonight too (DEFINITELY NOT complaining) and after getting home watching my favorite TV shows sometimes relaxes me. So I made some dinner and watched Glee. Felt so … Continue reading

Box of Chocolates

My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” My favorite Forrest Gump quote because it always makes me smile. Whether it’s a bittersweet smile cause it’s “just” milk chocolate, or an oblong smile because of a weird filling, or a long satisfied smile with my … Continue reading

Scandinavian adventures – in the kitchen

Spring is here and it’s unstoppable. I don’t know how everyone else is doing this, but for me it is only recently since I reorganize my wardrobe each season. This not only made me appreciate my pieces more but it also made me greet my dresses as if they were new each time I unpacked … Continue reading

What dreams may come…

We attended a wedding last night. The kind that went like a fairy tale. It was full of kindness, cute surprises, handmade gifts for guests, but most of all love. The couple’s story is like a fairy tale but just because this is a baking blog, I would stick around my story (even if that … Continue reading

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons on Macaron Day

So, here we are. The day has arrived. Spring is here, it is Macaron Day and Exam day. For stress relieving and kitchen pantry decluttering purposes (as I have realized that my pantry is far better supplied than a bomb shelter…) I decided to make coconut macaroons. It’s close enough to macarons, so I just … Continue reading

Long Weekend Here We Come

Tomorrow we have a national holiday where we commemorate the 1848 revolution in Hungary. Great times! Especially that it provides a fabulous spring long weekend of four entire days. In the morning everybody came in the office with T.G.I.F. expression on their face and I couldn’t resist to daydream about the goodies I’d be baking … Continue reading

Ars Poetica Biciclista

“I love baking. I love biking. I love Budapest.” So, here is my showcase cake I imagined for the exam. It turned out cute and reflects me in every bit. Our last task at the exam was to create a cake with decoration. I wanted something special – who doesn’t? And I wanted something that … Continue reading

Ginger-Banana infused AHA moment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (cause that’s another thing I like doing sometimes). About where and what to do; why and does it even make sense to study to become a pastry chef (if pretty much very third person  know has another one-two-three friends studying to be one and that’s pretty scary)? And if … Continue reading

Birthday BOOM!

Do people have more birthdays in November than in any other month?…It seems like to me. And I am ever so grateful for this whimsical (is this word even fitting here?) phenomenon because this means I get to practice a lot! So after a parade of family birthdays last week I made two cakes for … Continue reading

274 Years Worth of Birthdays

My grandparents turned 155 this week.  They haven’t found the elixir for eternal life, but something close to that. They have six amazing children with fourteen more amazing grandchildren and 4 even more amazing great-grandchildren. I guess this is as close as it can get to eternal living. They have spent more than half a … Continue reading