Urban farmergirl

So the day had come…and passed – and now it just seems like it will be a day we’ll always remember because we did something great together. We are finally over the Big Project (to what I still cannot refer because of legal and sponsoring issues, but a hint cannot hurt) – we had been … Continue reading

Long Weekend Here We Come

Tomorrow we have a national holiday where we commemorate the 1848 revolution in Hungary. Great times! Especially that it provides a fabulous spring long weekend of four entire days. In the morning everybody came in the office with T.G.I.F. expression on their face and I couldn’t resist to daydream about the goodies I’d be baking … Continue reading

Rapid Cheese Sticks

So, here I am with another traditional guest treat or hostess gift snack for you. Once upon a time my Mom got this supersimple recipe from a colleague or a family member. Then it just got stuck with us – especially with me. I always have some dough in the freezer so I can prepare … Continue reading

Saturday morning fever

Market goodies

You wake up, open your eyes, stretch and see the sun shining right through the window. You know it’s gonna be a good day. You look at the clock and it’s not even 8 am. You lie in bed, snooze a little but in a couple of minutes you get up, wash your face, look … Continue reading