Heads up!

There are days, when you succeed in everything, and days, when all falls apart. And when you work in a team, these moments are shared together. We cry and laugh together – sometimes reluctantly. So, yesterday was a day like that. New information was pouring onto us about our Big Project, and things weren’t looking … Continue reading

Ars Poetica Biciclista

“I love baking. I love biking. I love Budapest.” So, here is my showcase cake I imagined for the exam. It turned out cute and reflects me in every bit. Our last task at the exam was to create a cake with decoration. I wanted something special – who doesn’t? And I wanted something that … Continue reading

Birthday BOOM!

Do people have more birthdays in November than in any other month?…It seems like to me. And I am ever so grateful for this whimsical (is this word even fitting here?) phenomenon because this means I get to practice a lot! So after a parade of family birthdays last week I made two cakes for … Continue reading

274 Years Worth of Birthdays

My grandparents turned 155 this week.  They haven’t found the elixir for eternal life, but something close to that. They have six amazing children with fourteen more amazing grandchildren and 4 even more amazing great-grandchildren. I guess this is as close as it can get to eternal living. They have spent more than half a … Continue reading

Green Reform or Weird Dessert for Shrek

It all started with me going to the grocery store one summer morning (yeah, it was like three months ago) and buying more avocados than I could think of using…then I just didn’t use all of them and got stuck with the ingredient. And of course then I started wondering if I could use the … Continue reading

Hanging in there

Hanging with cakes

Hi there! I’m still hanging in there and will post more even though I have had a pretty interesting couple of weeks after losing my job. Despite the mutual enthusiasm and will for cooperation it did not work out. I am sad it didn’t but also relieved and I think that now comes the adventurous … Continue reading

Reloading with a Classic

Slice of Dobos cake

I swear I have already written many posts…in my head. Life has just been a bit busy in the last couple of weeks that all the baking and adventures around the kitchen have not been typed in – yet. I promise to at least try to keep up with the happenings online as well. To … Continue reading

Rooting for Beet

I used to be very picky when it came to food in my childhood. I hardly ate anything – meaning: I only ate what I liked. And much of that. And this didn’t give me too much to choose from. I even spat my Mom in the eye (age 1) with the food I didn’t … Continue reading

Ana Banana and Her Monkey Business

Banana bread

I have realized that when writing a cake blog or any kind of food blog I have to pay attention to the seasons. I cannot just bake weeks in a row, take pictures and then post recipes whenever. Cause who would find raspberry in February or pumpkin in May?…I’m pretty sure they are available but … Continue reading

Practice makes perfect decoration

Chocolate attempts

I’ve got news for you! I’ve been editing pics today (and btw happy belated Easter holidays to everyone!) which means I have some material to post and this is quite promising since I have been falling way behind with the blog. In my defense, I have been diligently going to the confectionary and been practicing … Continue reading