Urban farmergirl

So the day had come…and passed – and now it just seems like it will be a day we’ll always remember because we did something great together. We are finally over the Big Project (to what I still cannot refer because of legal and sponsoring issues, but a hint cannot hurt) – we had been … Continue reading

Long Weekend Here We Come

Tomorrow we have a national holiday where we commemorate the 1848 revolution in Hungary. Great times! Especially that it provides a fabulous spring long weekend of four entire days. In the morning everybody came in the office with T.G.I.F. expression on their face and I couldn’t resist to daydream about the goodies I’d be baking … Continue reading

March Madness á la Pastry Apprentice

Textbooks for school

Hi there, I know, I know. It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a word. I could say it was the creative block but it actually wasn’t. I had a lot of things on my hands and mind…I had post ideas almost every other night but I just didn’t want to publish sketch-looking … Continue reading

Weekend breakfast dreams…braided bread and hot chocolate

Weekend breakfast

Do you have a regular breakfast ingredient on weekends? I am a breakfast addict and love puttering in the kitchen in the morning when the sun shines right through the window. These are the most peaceful moments of the day and I love sinking in them. Especially on weekends. And when I was little, weekend … Continue reading

Larousse and Chef Bo – What Wannabe Pastry Chefs Read on Sick Days

Books to read

I hate being sick. Period. It means I did something wrong in the previous days,  for example matching the wrong clothes to the temperature outside. (Yeah, Mom, you were right!) Or I could have messed up something else, but it all comes down to one thing: you are sick. And  when you are sick, the … Continue reading