Let’s Play Restaurant

I was home alone on Saturday. Mr. T went off to work, so after a magical sunny farmers market visit I dived into my sunlit kitchen, turned on the radio, heated the oven and started baking. I first looked at the clock consciously at 10pm. I wanted to finish a couple more stuff, so I … Continue reading

Pancake Day 2013

Az unokatesóim jófejek! Sokan vannak és mindenki profi valamiben. Egyikük például a palacsintasütésben (is) jó! Összebeszéltünk, anélkül, hogy tudtuk volna, hogy mindez a nemzetközi palacsinta napra esne, és jól bepalacsintázunk. Holnap meg Farsangi Sütibár a Restaurant Day keretében – reggel óta megy a sütő… My cousins are cool! And many I have. And they are … Continue reading

It’s time

Writer’s block. That’s what’s happening. Been baking, cooking and having fun ever since my last posts, even been taking mental notes on what to write about here – birthday cakes, chocolate mousses, cookies, dulce de leche, chocolate sauce, projects and plans and what not…the only step missing has been the sitting down and typing them. … Continue reading

Project U – Parte Dos

Yep, I’ve finally got around my computer and compiled some pics from the second part of our amazing South American trip. It’s crazy it’s already been over a month since we came back. It was truly an unforgettable trip and we will always remember it for sure. I don’t think I can actually retell everything … Continue reading

Project U – Parte Uno

It’s been almost a week since we set sail to South-America, we have discovered half of Buenos Aires and we are already on the road again…I mean on the water. We are headed to Uruguay where my friend Andrea is getting married next Saturday. A real South-American wedding with Colombian, Uruguayan and international guests will … Continue reading

AnnaBee Cooks

Of course, I should be fast asleep right now…should have gone to bed like hours ago and I am sooooo excited that I cannot even think of going to bed. We are leaving to South America in the morning. Well, we are leaving for Vienna with my Mom so we can catch the plane in … Continue reading

Project U

So, where should I begin? I guess, I just jump right in the middle since I have no idea if I’ll ever have time to tell you about all the cakes I baked this summer, all the confectionaries I went to, all the things I saw and all the things I have been planning to … Continue reading

Under the Sun

We went picking strawberries today. I wanted to pick some for jams, cakes and for freezing for the winter. We had planned it for a couple weeks now and we probably got a bit late because I merely got 2 pounds of it in an hour. Oh, well, next year, we’ll be faster. It was, … Continue reading

Cherry Dreaming for the Morning

Today is picnic day after work with friends by the river – IF it doesn’t rain (which is pretty possible as far as meteorologists are concerned). Anyways, I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies in case we are going, because they are good to munch on while playing pétanque or croquet or ultimate frisbee. … Continue reading

Summer Time Kicks in with Cherries

That was fast! I mean, recently I hardly have time to sit and post and now the second post is coming out this weekend (in fact I started typing last night)…Summer is here and cannot be stopped! So, my mom got awarded at her multinational workplace, and since it is a global award she is … Continue reading