Baking Tunes

Music that makes me dance in the kitchen (too)…

Any Lifehouse album – would love to go to their concert again

Glee – that is my cheesy part

Robbie Williams – all music but Swing When You Are Winning is a real keeper

Journey – Don’t stop believing – it always reminds me of the Pat O’Brien’s and the pianist lady with a hoarse voice in NOLA who made everyone sing along while sipping on Hurricanes

Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are – don’t you just love the video clip? I do mean the animation…

Anima Sound System – Vigyél el – just because

Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon – this song always makes me feel like riding my bike with arms wide open in the mountains…

Lady Antebellum – Hello World…well Hello!

Sara Bareilles – I fell in love wih her music and found out just after that she is from Eureka, CA – how cool is that?!

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