It’s time

Writer’s block.

That’s what’s happening. Been baking, cooking and having fun ever since my last posts, even been taking mental notes on what to write about here – birthday cakes, chocolate mousses, cookies, dulce de leche, chocolate sauce, projects and plans and what not…the only step missing has been the sitting down and typing them.

Well, I can’t promise more that I do have the will to share more of my kitchen mumblings with you because sharing the experience is the best thing of making a cake and writing about it on the blog. Creating a cake or dessert, figuring out proportions, putting it together is like a prep for a prom or a wedding…but sharing it with friends and family to see how they like it is what makes it COMPLETE.

So, as a little intro to what the 2013 sharing experience will I’ll invite everyone to my Restaurant Day project this Sunday where I’ll be sharing cakes with dessert lovers with my cousin. We’ll have traditional carnival beignets, doughnuts, banana bread, dulce de leche,  caramel coffee, massala tea, hot cocoa and whatever we can fit on the menu.

Restaurant Day is a great initiative originating from Finland making people connect in a more personal way in the 21st century and we are excited to be among the twentysome one-day restaurants in Budapest. We participated for the first time three months ago and had a blast. Hopefully it will just get better.

I promise to post pics and share recipes from the DessertBar afterwards. Now, you have two great options for Sunday: come and enjoy the super home made food or open your own one-day place – or you could just go outside with friends and have a snowball fight. The point is: have fun!

Farsangi Sütibár

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