Project U – Parte Dos

Yep, I’ve finally got around my computer and compiled some pics from the second part of our amazing South American trip. It’s crazy it’s already been over a month since we came back. It was truly an unforgettable trip and we will always remember it for sure.

I don’t think I can actually retell everything and it would be in vain to even try but I have pics and stories and probably will reminisce over the moments for a long time.

Without trying to get everything together, I am telling you this:

Uruguay is a true little jewelry box in South America. Charming, beautiful, fun and have the most warm-hearted, loving people living there. After the busy city of Buenos Aires we arrived to Colonia del Sacramento where we spent the most romantic one day (I could have seriously stayed there for weeks – our little ‘posado’ was cute as could be and the food was delicious. The weather could have been nicer but hey, no complaints.


We then took the bus to Montevideo, the capital where we had our sweet reunion with my friends. Toured the city, biked, met the families, stayed with the families, got ‘adopted’ by the families, had amazing home made steak and went to the Wedding.  We even had a day in Punta del Este although it was more of an excursion than a proper beach day but again, hey, it was already amazing.

Uruguay eats

And yes, Uruguayan pastry chefs do know something. All cakes and desserts we had there (and we had A LOT…) were mouthwatering and delicious. I am still trying to get my mind around that dulce-de-leche-in-everything method but it works for them, and it definitely worked for us there. We literally bought a shelf of dulce de leche at the supermarket to bring home and we did start experimenting with our own at home. I’ll let you know about the results as soon as it starts resembling the real one. (Seriously, how do they get it so thick??? Ours was nice tasting but much more liquid and we cannot figure out the issue…please, help!)

Uruguay desserts

My friend’s wedding was one of a kind in oh so many ways. Desserts were great and even though there was no one big bridal cake we didn’t miss it because of all the other tasty bites we could try instead. The whole week in Uruguay actually became a wedding week – no, the wedding didn’t actually last this long but being allowed to stay with the family of the groom and spending quality time with the Colombian family of the bride did make the difference in our experience. They all welcomed us as if we were already family and involved us as family members even during the ceremony or the wedding dinner or any other program. It was really special and we cannot thank Andrea and Felipe enough for this! Hopefully we will be able to return this soon…Wedding desserts

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