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Of course, I should be fast asleep right now…should have gone to bed like hours ago and I am sooooo excited that I cannot even think of going to bed. We are leaving to South America in the morning. Well, we are leaving for Vienna with my Mom so we can catch the plane in the afternoon. And then, in a short period of 36 hours we’ll land in Latino Land.

I have been baking a lot and even experimenting, and of course have had no time to post about it, so you either believe it and wait till it’s all published or just dump me. To those of you who stay, I cannot promise anything except that I am doing my best to keep up some kind of a schedule…we’ll see.

And because this is a pretty unusual post (not just because it is written at 4 am), I get  right into it.

I have been reading blogs for about 8-9 years – and I started following international food blogs a couple years ago. This is when I stumbled upon The Bitten Word an got stuck with it ever since. Zach and Clay are the coolest guys writing about their adventures in gastro-land inspired by their monthly food magazines.  They are funny, easy to read and inspiring how their share everything from achievements in their garden or total failures in the kitchen.

Two weeks ago they announced a BIG PROJECT which included recipes from magazines and lots of volunteers. I was one of them. The first time in my life I entered an international blog project. I got appointed to the Food Network Magazine and each recipe in the current issue was appointed to someone form the group. We had to cook it, snap a picture and send it back to them.

My dish was a side dish: sweet-and-sour cabbage

Before leaving I was determined to make it and post about it. It was well worth the effort because it is a great side. I made chicken roast to go with it with some stock I had frozen before, garlic and onions.

The side dish seemed pretty easy and to my amazement it was indeed super easy.  You find the recipe here. I got the ingredients from the farmer’s market and also used my homegrown parsley which gave it a very nice touch. I wanted to try some alternative versions of it because it is perfect for playing around but due to my time issues at the moment I was happy with my sweet and sour cabbage the “traditional” way. I took the leftovers to work and even my colleagues liked it.

I still can’t believe I got involved in this project. It is pretty awesome! Thank you Guys for the oppurtunity, it was a pleasure.

And I also can’t believe that I am leaving tomorrow for a two-week trip. Pretty cool!

I’ll be back in two weeks and you’ll see more cakes soon.

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