Project U

So, where should I begin?

I guess, I just jump right in the middle since I have no idea if I’ll ever have time to tell you about all the cakes I baked this summer, all the confectionaries I went to, all the things I saw and all the things I have been planning to do. Maybe one day…

This summer has been pretty GREAT! Filled with fun, liberty and love – what more could a girl ask for, right? No complaints on my side, so  here is my next BIG project I got myself into. It’s actually not baking or work related. It has to do with one of my dear friends. She is very dear to me. She got engaged last year to the love of her life and I couldn’t be happier for her. And she invited me to her wedding along with other dear friends. This COULD be an ordinary thing but my friend is South American and her wedding is taking place in South America and she invited us THERE!

I know her from UGA where we were sharing the same dorm unit and she is the cutest “wee” thing. She sent her invitations at the end of last year and all girls from school got really excited. Then I realized that it’s probably too much to plan for so my enthusiasm silenced away…until one ordinary summer night when I realized what an amazing thing she is inviting us to and in a blink of an eye I facebooked her whether the invitation was still on. She replied with the fastest YES, so now we are planning the trip.

We merely have 2 more months until the wedding and yet sooo many things to do….not to mention I need a dress.

On the other hand this trip means that for a month now I have been restraining myself from browsing the farmer’s market and doing big grocery shopping and have been putting the  200HUF coins (kind of like dollar coins) that I get in change in my new papermade piggy bank. We are on a tight budget but it made me realize how much food I have at home. I halfway did an empty-the-cupboard last February, now I am going all the way. And this, ladies and gentlemen, does require some creativity which actually makes the whole thing the biggest fun.

I also started reading the South America guidebook and no surprise, food ranks in the TOP 5 of my interests. I stumbled upon those delicious looking empenadas and chimichurri and realized that they are exactly what I could make when short of special ingredients. Last week I had some left over pickled cabbage, pepper, sausage and some home-grown tomatoes and herbs on my hand and they are just perfect for a summery empenada lunch.

I took 100 grams of flour, 33 grams of butter, some salt, some vinegar and a little water. The original recipe calls for an egg yolk as well but I didn’t bother.

I mixed the ingredients and kneaded it into a little ball, then put it in the fridge for overnight.

In the morning I chopped the sausage and all other ingredients and sautéed them on a little oil. Added some paprika, pepper to the mixture then added some water and steamed it a bit. When the cabbage was soft already I took the pan off the heat.

I took the dough out of the fridge and rolled it out. I cut out circles and put some stuffing on each little circle. With a wet hand I folded the circles into half and pressed the edges together with a spoon. From this amount I got eight full pastries, which is already much for one person.

You could brush the tops with eggs before baking, but again, I didn’t bother. I preheated the oven and baked it for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime I chopped some parsley and soaked it in olive oil along with some cilantro.

They were great together! Enjoy!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I had to read it again! Just loved it!

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