Under the Sun

We went picking strawberries today. I wanted to pick some for jams, cakes and for freezing for the winter. We had planned it for a couple weeks now and we probably got a bit late because I merely got 2 pounds of it in an hour. Oh, well, next year, we’ll be faster.

It was, however, a pretty nice afternoon and the strawberries are delicious. Got permission to get out of work an hour earlier so I could make it to this pick-your-own garden on the other side of town. It was beyond city limits so we took the train and the bus. It was nice and refreshing. Then we arrived to the field. We could smell the strawberry from far and it was all so inviting in the warm sunset.

I was prepared with two big wooden trays but it turned out I went way overboard with them because we didn’t have much time, nor were much fruit left. Anyways, we dove in the beautiful strawberry land. Each to its own. I started looking for the little red dots in between the green leaves and random weeds and it made me very tranquil. This week has been full of wondering and revelations and this was a very nice touch to it.  Strawberries are special. You have to let the sunshine to make the fruit ripen and even then you have to pull aside the covering and protecting leaves to discover the heavenly deliciousness.

Sometimes people are like that too. At least think I think so.

Tomorrow I’m going to the farmer’s market, buy some more strawberries and make jam. That’ll make things even better.

I read this recently: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” Right?

Happy weekend!

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