Cherry Dreaming for the Morning

Today is picnic day after work with friends by the river – IF it doesn’t rain (which is pretty possible as far as meteorologists are concerned). Anyways, I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies in case we are going, because they are good to munch on while playing pétanque or croquet or ultimate frisbee. Whatever we do, is fun and it is sooo relaxing. I love these summer nights.

While preparing the cookies in the morning I found some more sour cherries in the fridge (no kidding) which I didn’t wanna waste. So I made some sour cherry sauce and decided to make some milk rice with it.

No measuring, just mighty flavors that made my day start sweet.

Ingredients: rice, oil, salt, milk, water, coconut milk powder, honey, vanilla

I took a glass of rice and added about a teaspoonful of vegetable oil on it and started heating them. Then I added one glass (the same glass) of water to it with a pinch of salt, and cooked it with a lid on. When the water disappeared, I added enough milk to cover the rice, added honey, coconut milk powder, some vanilla and cooked it until half of the milk got soaked in. I let it sit (and more milk to soak in) then added some more cold milk so it doesn’t dry out.

When I was halfway through the cookiebaking, I sat down with a little bowl of milkrice with a little cherry sauce on top and enjoyed the moment. Oh, it was delicious!

I hope you have a good day too.

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