Summer Time Kicks in with Cherries

That was fast! I mean, recently I hardly have time to sit and post and now the second post is coming out this weekend (in fact I started typing last night)…Summer is here and cannot be stopped!

So, my mom got awarded at her multinational workplace, and since it is a global award she is travelling to the States to get her award and I am VERY PROUD of her. She will spend three weeks over there and they are leaving tomorrow in the morning. So last night two nights before I went over for a casual dinner and chat. Since she is my Mom, of course she was doing something besides chatting (we always do something) – this time, she was pitting sour cherries. And of course gave me half of it when saying goodbye.

So I woke up in the morning yesterday, and after running the errands I headed to the kitchen to make good use of my sour cherries. I decided to make some summer fruit baskets for many reasons.

1) I’ve been wanting to make them for years and have had the little molds only for a couple of months now

2) I have a LOT of cherries now

3) why not?

Ingredients I used:

For the dough

300 grams flour

200 grams butter

100 grams sugar

1 egg yolk

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

For the cream:

400 ml milk

2 egg yolks

60 grams of vanilla pudding powder

150 grams sugar

a handful of lemongrass

Preheated oven


sour cherry

sour cherry jam my mom made last year

egg whites and sugar for the top

The basket is the simplest shortbread recipe. I mixed everything for the dough and since it’s pretty hot now I put it in the fridge for a while so it cools down.

In the mean time I prepared the pudding. I mixed the pudding powder with a little milk in a little bowl. In another dish I heated all the ingredients with the sugar and the lemongrass. I kept stirring until it started slightly boiling. Then I poured the hot liquid on the pudding mixture, then put it back on the heat and stirred until it got thick.  Itook the lemongrass out and left it to cool.

I took the dough from the fridge and placed it in the little molds. I got 23 out of the dough (but I probably could have made a couple more because the baskets turned out a bit thick) In the oven it went for about 15 minutes – but you can see when the rim of the baskets turns goldenish and then it’s good.

I beat the egg whites and added some sugar (now that was very much spontaneous) halfway through. Put it in a bag with a star-shaped tip and made little swirls on a baking sheet. After I took the cookies out from the oven, I turned the oven to minimum and put the egg whites in and dried them. I waited till the edges started browning – I don’t have a torch yet, but they still turned out cute I think.

After the baskets cooled down a bit I took them out of the molds. If they don’t come out right away, press slightly on the two sides and they will fall gently from the mold. I spread some hot sour cherry jam on the shortbread. I used a piping bag again for the pudding and made nice little swirls with it. In fact if you don’t have fruits, you can just leave them like that and they are good this way too. Because otherwise the piping won’t matter much – it just makes it easier.

I then put the cherries on the cream ( I should have put some gelatin on them but since I knew we would eat them all, I didn’t bother. But you can try it, it keeps the fruit look nice longer.) and the egg whites on top.

Tasters were pretty satisfied, although I have to claim that these are not bikesafe treats – or else I should seriously look into safe bike-transfer methods for cakes.

I hope you have a good weekend, I’m off to the running race. Wish me luck.

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