Urban farmergirl

So the day had come…and passed – and now it just seems like it will be a day we’ll always remember because we did something great together. We are finally over the Big Project (to what I still cannot refer because of legal and sponsoring issues, but a hint cannot hurt) – we had been preparing for 8 months, spent nights and days in the office and the venue, had fun, had some stress and learnt a LOT. Cool!

Time for some more cooking and baking! My fingers are aching to do something and I am eager to explore more of the cakeworld.

In the meantime I had some interesting revelations last weekend. Well, they weren’t exactly that big of revelations, but after making some homemade curd cheese,

homemade elderberry flower cordial, a cheesecake from the homemade cheese, baked bread with my own starter (that’s been alive and experimented with since January!), cooked lunch with my fresh herbs and dreamt of a(n indoor) composter, I realized I could do this all day on a farm.

Well, a farm in the city. Because I love the city and would love combining the two. Do some gardening in the morning, baking during the day and go out with friends in the evening. I know, i know – pretty unrealistic, but a girl’s gotta dream, right?…

Maybe one day, but my dad came over today and brought some tomato seedlings…homemade sundried tomatoes I’m thinking…mmmh?

2 Responses to “Urban farmergirl”
  1. vera says:

    🙂 nekem nagyon tetszik az ötlet!! de én költöznék is tanyára… csak nem tudok ennyi mindent csinálni, de olyan jó lenne… tök jó a post 🙂 puszi,v.

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