It’s all coming back

It is those days when there is just not much time for baking because the work load is weighing us down nowadays. I stayed in the office late tonight too (DEFINITELY NOT complaining) and after getting home watching my favorite TV shows sometimes relaxes me. So I made some dinner and watched Glee. Felt so good.

Even if it is busy with work now, I hardly have days without making something sweet in the kitchen “just because”. Some leftover sponge cake, vanilla cream and fruits are delicious after a long day, but even vanilla ice cream with some fresh fruit sauce can make your day sweeter. And days are long now, plenty to and a lot on our hands, but the beauty of it is that I actually enjoy it. I know that it all makes sense, that we will have something created by the  and that I can learn in a professional team about – well, now it’s event organizing. By next Thursday it will become one whole idea and we will be slightly different. Till then I just practice what I learned in the pastry school and see how I can make it more “me”.

Probably I’m sentencing my oven for a week of break – if I can deal with that. This would all make sense. Not sure I can cope. Anyways, I know I will thrive afterwards to discover new shapes, flavors and textures. I’ll just have to wait for the right time. What are you waiting for?


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