Box of Chocolates

My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

My favorite Forrest Gump quote because it always makes me smile. Whether it’s a bittersweet smile cause it’s “just” milk chocolate, or an oblong smile because of a weird filling, or a long satisfied smile with my eyes closed when the deliciousness fills my mouth, it is always there.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Last week’s was a pretty good box of chocolate. At work I was responsible for a big French group for four days and by the end they grew really close to my heart. There were some really annoying moments with a crazy restaurant owner or a smart aleck tour guide, but even these faded into funny stories by now. After the group left, I hopped on a train and traveled for four hours. I longed for Nature, for the breeze, out of the city and “coincidentally” my friends were expecting me in the cutest little town hidden in the most beautiful mountains of Hungary.

Zemplén is a gorgeous place of mountains and hills waiting to be explored and hiked. Its abundant natural treasures  work magic on people’s mind and function as  therapy. We hiked, had fun, saw a tree falling and missing us just by a couple of metres, sat by the fire, ate bacon, drank, played pétanque (and according to Wikipedia our rules weren’t even that far from the original)

On the way home we went out of our way for a restaurant called “My Momma said” because it was said to be really good. I would go on telling you how great it was, but it was closed on May 1. So we stored it deep in our minds and maybe one day we’ll drive there again.

I held nothing against my Mom for that, and I gave her flowers for Mother’s Day – and my grandmas too.

Returning to the city meant that one of our gigantic project reached its last etap this month and that the month of May will be exciting, educating and fatiguing. I guess, there is nothing more to do, then take a big box of  chocolates and hope that the chocolate part will be good…

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