What dreams may come…

We attended a wedding last night. The kind that went like a fairy tale. It was full of kindness, cute surprises, handmade gifts for guests, but most of all love. The couple’s story is like a fairy tale but just because this is a baking blog, I would stick around my story (even if that seems selfish). A little more than six month ago (maybe more) my friend (the beautifully happy bride) mentioned she would like me to make their wedding cake.

First, I thought she was kidding, but it was very nice of her to say so.

Then, when she brought it up a couple of times afterwards, I realized she wasn’t kidding after all. So I panicked…then became extremely excited.

Then, as time flew by, I was thinking and sketching (in my mind) and if it’s even possible I was more nervous last night than tha bride herself. OK. She was and probably still is in another dimension and another sphere so let’s say I was just as nervous in my way of being nervous.

I had been planning a lot – and I mean A LOT – about shape, flavors and everything. Then it all came together and the guests, but the most important of all, the couple liked it.

And I was relieved. It was a great challenge, one of the very best kinds. I needed all my strength, especially that my body started to rebel against the daylight work-nighttime baking combo, but it was all very worth it. The cake has it own little faults, big mistakes with a pro’s eyes, but it was filled with (besides the three tiers’ fillings of chocolate, salted caramel and black forest) love and care, and I hope that these made everyone forget the slight clumsiness of it.

I have learnt a great deal about myself, my kitchen, baking and best practices (who would have thought I would be thanking youtube for tiered cake tips) and my own capacity. I enjoyed every minute of the process, from the friendly dinner with the couple thinking about the cake, through the baking and cooking meanwhile I was daydreaming about my future baking kitchen… My Mom and Mr. T gave their very best to help me through crack of dawn shopping sprees, cake delivery and loving care. I will be ever grateful for the newlyweds for their trust in me. The bride (who was gorgeous in her dress but mostly because of her facing beaming of happiness) told me after the cake was cut that the only thing she hadn’t been worried about regarding the wedding was the cake and that meant more than a thousand words for me.

I slept in today and will go to work tomorrow with a smile on my face ready for the new challenges because just remembering yesterday and the happy couple I will wonder what dreams may come…

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