Happily Ever After…

I have officially become a CERTIFIED PASTRY CHEF or so to say.

I can’t believe it even though my certificate is right in my hands and proves that I have made it through and now can officially ramble in a kitchen. I still remember the November morning when I wrote to one of my best friends living and working in Wales that I was thinking about studying more and continuing the projects I have started in my kitchen. Her only response was a link to the pastry chef course with the subject in her email saying: THIS is what you should do. Before I actually comprehended my own desire to start it, my whole family and friends stood besides me as if they weren’t only thinking about all the sweet cookies and cakes that would be produced during practicing but they  truly saw some perspectives in it (me).

I truly THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Even though most of you reading my blog in English probably haven’t been part of the tasting crowd and yet you still had faith in me. (For my Hungarian fellas who are reading THIS in English, go read the Hungarian post this time for your thank yous…) Through my blog or by emails and facebook you’ve been a real support and I have loved your comments all through the time. Even the blog was created due to the pastry chef apprentice idea…

I have learnt a lot since last February. I bake my sponge cakes with a slightly open oven door (and voila, they rise), I whip my egg whites with sugar (and voila, smooth and shiny) and you can’t scare me away with a 10-inch spreading knife anymore. I owe a big thank you to my family and friends here at home and outside the borders. You really made this adventure worthwhile.

I sometimes feel like being in a movie and I know I’ll have my happy end.

Just like these baking ladies who live happily ever after…


Because I said so

Life As We Know It

The Bread, My Sweet – Wedding for Bella (cute old school movie with some Italian passion, romance and humor) and Fuera de Carta /Chef’s Special (one of all times best comedies which taught me that Mi-che-leen is the right way to pronounce it) are about guys but they are also passionate about what they do and they do it wholeheartedly – just like I would.

And even though this period of my life is over and I can ride my bike singing and certified as a pastry chef, I can live happily…but the ever after is far, cause the best (and most to learn) is yet to come, so the story of the next movie starring me is only just beginning to unfold…

…because “the rest is still unwritten…”

2 Responses to “Happily Ever After…”
  1. charlibarley says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations, you are brilliant! Definitely need to get my butt over to Budapest for you to teach me some tricks!

    And Unwritten? Indeed! xxx

    • annabeebakes says:

      Thank you Charli! You are so sweet! And yes, we need to bake some together cause I’m sure we both have tips and tricks to share. So much still Unwritten, yet I knew, you would understand it 🙂

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