International Macaron Day

Have you heard about it? Have you been to? Have you made it? Do you like it at all? Oh, what? The macaron. Not the coconut macaroon, the macaron. If this little colorful pure sugar bomb is still a novelty for you (because you deleted your profile from all social networks, because you don’t go near any sweet shops and you devotedly avoid everything that is colorful and cute), then here is my little intro to these cookies, but of course the Google Library has a full section dedicated to them.

Pierre Hermé is said to be the father of macarons, but to be clear he is the one who made these cuties that save pastry shops from throwing away the ever increasing egg whites and put them on a whole new level that some might even call elitism. This little seems complicated at first, then the second time you kind of think you’ve got the hang of it, and then for the third time you’ll think that there is not just enough time and space to learn everything to make perfect macarons. There is this new book called Les Petits Macarons and I haven’t got it yet but the authors put together a cute little video about the most important steps of making macarons. You won’t be able to make them just by watching the video but you can get the feel of it.

The cool authors of a Hungarian food blog called Gasztrobizarr decided to put Budapest in the spotlight after Paris, New York and London and are organizing the first ever Macaron Day in Hungary. This initiative was brave enough to get the attention of the best pastry chefs and trendiest foodie places in the city and its vicinity  who are all going to attend and participate in the program. On the facebook page of the Macaron Day there are a lot more pictures and info about the day.

I would love to say that I’ll be amongst the exhibitors but my trials (and errors) over the past year don’t give me the right to participate that way. I have tons of egg white piling up in my freezer so I have plenty to practice with and maybe next year… I have some good days when my macarons turn out nice and pretty but looking at my last experiment to make red-white-green (Hungarian national flag colors) for March 15 I am still at the very beginning of the process.  The red ones colored with beetroot powder and juice lost their color at the end (that is the case with natural food colorings) and the green ones did not turn out quite smooth either. I could make a couple of cute ones but that is not what I call a pro macaronist yet. I’m not giving up so who knows….

The pros will be exhibiting their work of art on Tuesday, March 20th at the Macaron Day and will show how this is all done. If you happen to be in Budapest, go and enjoy. I wish I could go but I have exams that day but if everything works out as planned I could still have a big day then…

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