Long Weekend Here We Come

Tomorrow we have a national holiday where we commemorate the 1848 revolution in Hungary. Great times! Especially that it provides a fabulous spring long weekend of four entire days. In the morning everybody came in the office with T.G.I.F. expression on their face and I couldn’t resist to daydream about the goodies I’d be baking and making in the next couple of days. There will also be some studying which include food and science but – and call me a nerd – I am quite excited about because I am very much interested in the molecular and cellular background of things. Four meetings and some extra administration later I am happily sitting down for dinner with these wonders and nice companion.

French onion soup in fresh homemade bread and chocolate-hazelnut cake with whipped cream – yummy! For those not living in Hungary I wish you a pretty beginning of spring and to my fellow Hungarians I hope you are spending these lovely days doing something and somebody you love. I’ll be back with more photos and recipes I promise. (I already have like 5 in my head…just need to get it out here…) Go biking or just relax wherever you are. See ya!



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