Ars Poetica Biciclista

“I love baking. I love biking. I love Budapest.”

So, here is my showcase cake I imagined for the exam. It turned out cute and reflects me in every bit.

Our last task at the exam was to create a cake with decoration. I wanted something special – who doesn’t? And I wanted something that really reflects me as a person so from the minute we were assigned to design the cake I knew I wanted something with the bike. In my mind I created landscapes and hills with bike roads, bikers dressed in bike suits, in shorts, in dresses, etc. Then one night it dawned on me (beautifully poetic – night, dawn…great…), so it dawned on me that I want Budapest on my cake. So then there was no stopping, and the cake was just right in front my eyes. Do you recognize the buildings?

And the result turned out much better than the trial piece did. The cake decorating trend is to go 3D nowadays and there are amazing cakes twisting and twirling but I wanted something where everything is eaten at first hand. (meaning I have yet to improve my marzipan rose and sculpting skills…)

The first testers even liked the inside too, so this was already worth it.

As you might not be familiar with Budapest, here is a hint on what is on the side: The Citadel, the Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge, the Parliament, the Basilica and the Heroes Square. Worth visiting in person. Who’s coming?

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