Mini Pies Inspired from the Heart

So, a week after I planned posting this recipe I am finally sharing it with you. To be honest, it wasn’t a total hit. Actually not many people liked it, but I was very proud of myself making it.

I just watched a Ferrán Adriá lecture at Harvard and felt the urge and inspiration to make something I have never made before. I wasn’t gonna use a recipe, nor my textbook for a nice change and I wanted to create. While watching the video I was already drafting cakes and taking into account the ingredients I had at home, my new tools for Christmas and the fact that it was cold and snowing and I wanted something wintery.

So this is what I came up with:

– make a pie crust (the same I use for the apple pie)

– take a 0,5 kg (about a pound) bag of frozen plums from the freezer (that I myself picked in the summer at a friend’s orchard)

– mix spices that go well with the fruit – I took cinnamon and star anise, and I went a bit overboard with the latter which was the cause of the modest success

– get some sugar and butter and get ready to roll.

I made the crust (put some star anise in it too…I know, OVERBOOOOOAAAARD), rolled it out, flattened it in my new half-globe mould. I put some diced up plums in it. I mixed the sugar, cinnamon and ground star anise and sprinkled it on the fruit. I put tiny bits of butter on the top and covered the whole thing with some dough again.Here is how they turned out.

Then I figured I have some leftover curd cheese filling leftover from the week’s baking marathon, so I filled some with the cheese. And I also had some poppy seed filling, so I created an apricot jam-poppyseed-marzipan mini pie too – now that turned out pretty good. Actually, I liked the plum one too – exactly the wintery thing I wanted with my hot tea.

And since Valentine’s day is coming up, I thought a little heart couldn’t hurt. What do you think?

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