Winter dreams

I could say I took a writer’s holiday cause it sounds very elegant. The truth is, this is only partly true – baking has become an everyday thing – though not as much as I would love it to, but writing has been scarce or rather converges to zero. Many reasons, more about that later.Last week the baking beast broke loose in me meaning I had a panic attack about the upcoming exams. So instead of baking two-three times a week, I started baking twice a day. This kind of mental craziness is regarded rather patiently in my surroundings and I even get an incredible enthusiastic support.

Then I watched this video of Ferrán Adriá at Harvard (great class all year round by the way) who happens to be the master of El Bullí, which was quoted as the best restaurant in the world upon till its temporary closing last year. It clicked my creative button. This is a fantastic and inspiring video and if I could, I would pack my stuff immediately and do the dishes or any other jobs by him just to see how he works.

My little inspiration cakes turned out exciting though the culinary revolution and the unanimous cheer were missing this time. Oh well. Photos and posts will be up soon but the pics are not yet ready. Blogging and my perfectionism set some rules together which do not allow me posting unless I have adequate images and enough time to write. Well…

Before the upcoming posts with real photos, recipes and cakes here is another video which makes me drool over my keyboard and makes me wanna participate even more! First as a tester…then as a creator…

Maybe one day…

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