Birthday BOOM!

Do people have more birthdays in November than in any other month?…It seems like to me. And I am ever so grateful for this whimsical (is this word even fitting here?) phenomenon because this means I get to practice a lot! So after a parade of family birthdays last week I made two cakes for friends yesterday.

One was a two-tier cake with a chestnut cream and chocolate cream tier covered in marzipan.

Honestly, I did have a hard time with rolling out the marzipan just because my rolling pins are not big enough but I was so proud I could do it.

The other was a chocolate cake covered with gummy bears for the birthday girl. First it seemed like a bizarre idea but it was fun sorting out the bears by color.

I am very excited about these cakes, but even more excited about the holiday season which means a lot of fun edible gifts and more ways of practicing. I just realized the exams start in January which is just around the corner so I should really start studying. Wish me luck!

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