Thanksgiving Thoughts for Food

It’s Thanksgiving week and even though we do not celebrate it here in Hungary, it is still a great opportunity to think about all the things we can be thankful for…of which we should remind ourselves from time to time in our rushing every days.  A big family, time spent together, delicious cakes from the oven, a nice chat with friends might seem little, but in fact they are the truly valuable  gifts of life…

Or traditions, that might be little underestimated here and should be treated with more care and we should make them more part of our life. I like this little NewYorker essay about the traditions and their evolution. The turkey and eagle metaphor is quite special at this time of year.

Would you have thought that there were so many restaurants without a precise price?

There are books coming out now about how the food industry has gone overboard with production and procedures, and there is a trend of more and more local farmers and food production.

And if you’d like to have your own recipes printed in a book, you can order it for Christmas and put it under the tree.

I have been collecting eggshells for my Dad’s little chicks because of Calcium. In case you do go through eggs as fast as I do, and you don’t wanna dump than in the trashcan, there are other smart and delicious ways of using them.

And if you think that you are smart enough now, there is a blog (and a book now) that will definitely prove you wrong.

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