274 Years Worth of Birthdays

My grandparents turned 155 this week.  They haven’t found the elixir for eternal life, but something close to that. They have six amazing children with fourteen more amazing grandchildren and 4 even more amazing great-grandchildren. I guess this is as close as it can get to eternal living. They have spent more than half a century together living happily and lovingly. They made it through a world war, the revolution 1956 and the hard times. They are role models for everyone, they are the center, the soul and the engine in one of our family and I am so blessed to have them. We all are.

I was really excited when I found out I could actually make the cake for their birthday party where 50 of us would get together and celebrate them. It was a “three-storey” cake with two dark chocolate layers and a lavender-white chocolate one.

The best part is that my mom’s birthday fall just a day before my grandparents’ birthday, so I got to make her a cake for the first time in my life. I made an Eszterházy cake with almonds for her. She said she liked it.

The last couple days of baking were pretty crazy. And I loved every minute of it. An hour before leaving for the family dinner the cakes and the filling were still two separate items…but we made it. (I could have used more time for decoration though.)

We also celebrated my god-daughter’s, my cousin’s and an aunt’s birthday as well and several other namedays (almost as big as bdays in Hungary…or at least in our family). The thing is I personally like all occasions to celebrate. That is what turns everydays into something special and I like that. They’re something to look forward to. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Hungary traditionally but I always feel thankful to have such a big and fantastic family. For years this November birthday party is the time when we draw names for Secret Santa so we did that and I am excited to get ready for the Christmas day family lunch.

So Holiday season is officially on! Ho-ho-ho…

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