Ooops! I did it again!

Yep. I did it. Again. Except this time I did not freak out. There was no reason for it.

I had a free Sunday, a jar of eggwhites and some leftover almond meal which I was dedicating to the macarons. I attempted the impossible again. A couple weeks ago I got a special lavender syrup for my birthday so I thought I would use that for a little experimenting in my kitchen lab for the cream. Maybe I get lucky. I got prepared, I slept enough and I set-up for the fun.  Then I got started and somehow things had fallen into place.  Awesome how the brain works and how the experience (not that I have too much of it) I have obtained transforms into little seedlings of skills. Makes you feel like you actually start grasping what it is about…

And guess what? The macarons turned out beautiful. They had a little foot, smooth top, no cracks (for most part)…so it could actually be considered a success story.

At least part of it.

For the filling I melted white chocolate in cream and added some lavender syrup. Oh, it tasted special!

Of course, there were some that got cracked, or rose to a dome…or both, but they all tasted nice and the texture couldn’t be better. Crispy on the outside, but the inside was melting in the mouth…

I’ve come to some conclusions since my latest macaron adventures and here they are:

– if you want pretty bright-colored macarons (not  like the pastel ones in the pics) you need to use three times as much coloring as you would think, in fact when you think it’s way too much, it’s just the beginning. Which I should keep in mind next time I am making these.

– some people advise to dry the almond meal in the oven at low temperature because it helps with the texture and the final result – I did it this time and apparently it didn’t hurt

– half of the portions I was using is MORE THAN ENOUGH – otherwise you end up rushing last-minute, packing for the long weekend while piping macarons, taking the last tray out in your coat on the way out and fifteen minutes before you end up taking a taxi with a suspicious damp seat in the back (and I learnt that the bad way…) to the train station where the train then of course was half an hour late…at least I had something to munch on…

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