November Thoughts for Food

Happy Monday Everybody!

Here are my links for this exciting and promising week! I am participating in a cool project for an event coming up next year so I’m looking forward to that! My Mom has her birthday this Wednesday, my Grandpa is turning 80 this Thursday and my Grandma is turning 75 on Friday! Oh and we have a bunch of other family birthdays and namedays in November so we are all coming together on Friday evening to celebrate! Can’t wait!

I have just recently watched this great YouTube ft. Ridley Scott Movie about one day edited entirely from submitted videos by people from all around the world. After watching it I was wondering if people are so obviously so similar all over the world why do we still have conflicts within and between borders. Have you seen it? (I’m not sure if the subtitles are IP address specific but you can change the language in case you need at the movie’s youtube channel)

Would you put cupcakes and cakes as your desktop wallpaper? I still haven’t decided.

The Basque Culinary Center opened this fall and I would love to pay a visit there one day.

Not having a smartphone or a tablet doesn’t make the cookbooks vs cooking apps question easy for me since I tend to use the internet all the time for food. The plethora of the info accumulated in these apps is just fascinating and CIA students will be required to have a tablet from next year besides their uniforms. Not to mention this new app with tons of recommendations for mouthwatering meals.

I know it is still November but honestly, I start thinking about in Christmas in January and what to make for my loved ones.  Here is a nice bundle of ideas from Martha. Are you into handmade gifts? It would be fun to play with these chocolate bonbons. And this little Christmas video of John Lewis just got me into the Holiday Season 2011 big time!

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