When the stars align… I.

…it feels different and you know something good is about to happen.

It doesn’t have to sweep you off your feet, it doesn’t have to tremble (it could of course), you don’t have to WHY it is happening, you just feel inside that what is happening, what you hear and what you see is building up to something exciting, something new and something of your very own.

That’s what happened to ma last weekend. Wasn’t a big deal and it still felt like one. Three days, three special meet-ups that made all sense together. I will not overmistify them (I might…) because everyone will get something different out of it, something else will be important and it will make sense in another way. The three meetings with these three special individuals and their work are gonna be the topic of the upcoming post(s) and excuse me for avoiding recipes this time – I have videos though – but writing it down made me understand it better.

I met a pastry chef whom I had been wanting to meet for a long time because of her story and her cakes not knowing that through Rotary and Rotaract I had long known her family. I got to know the artwork of a Dutch designer and through her work two strangers who are not strangers anymore. And one entrepreneur who despite all the rational and economic trends started a business that is not supposed to be sexy. These three inspired me and made me reassured that it makes sense to study something new and do what my heart tells me to do.

Something like this:

Meet-up #1 – Margit Varga, the pastry chef of Zazzi

I had long been wanting to meet her because there is something very charming in that little confectionary’s story in Solymár besides the desserts. The shop was founded by ladies who had been baking at home for family and friends for the first 30-40 years of their lives then decided to leave their previous jobs and started baking professionally. And it’s no ordinary baking. When I learnt from a fellow Rotaractor that she is indeed the daughter of aforementioned lady I started preparing the meeting.

I didn’t know what to expect, I just wanted to talk and hear about maybe the different courses she had attended abroad but I got much more out of it. I was even invited for a delicious cake that had an amazing harmony of flavours. She recommended a tons of courses in France but during the two-hour long chat she amazed me with her self-confidence and expertise. It made me feel good about being an apprentice in every way. I don’t know whether I can learn from her in the near or not so near future but I have already got much from her.

Studying abroad would be amazing and useful of course but considering the price of these courses it might not happen soon. At least I have something to save up for in the next couple of years.

École LeNotre has a  pastry chef course of couple months which would be a dream come true to attend but also would involve a tiny little fortune since its short courses cost more than any of my monthly salaries. But dreaming big never hurt. The other school is the École Nationale Supérieur de la Patisserie, which has a promising 8-week-long summer or winter camp…someday.

Anything can happen and I can become whatever I want to but the stars align now and they tell me to pursue my baking dreams…

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