Cloning Was not an Option

I don’t have a smartphone. Sometimes I wish for one but mostly I realize I’m better off without one. Then again, probably the next time I’m gonna need a new phone, smartphones are gonna be the only choices by then and I will be happy with it. I could edit my blog on the go, skype with friends on the go, google anything for fast info or like friends’ facebook updates. Right? Not that the world isn’t going around without it and phones aren’t good for what they were originally made for: calling people.

I know we have to keep up with technology and to be honest, the tiny little amateur nerd inside me is fascinated by all the tricks and features developed for these gadgets that TRULY enhance our life and make everyday life easier. I just don’t need one right now. I think…?

I got a call a couple weeks ago about an Android workshop for which the organisers wanted to treat the guests with some desserts and they asked me to make those cookies. It wasn’t just because the guests have sweet tooth but because (i just learnt that) Android’s versions were named after desserts.  Some of those developer guys in Cali must have sweet tooth. I got really excited about the challenge and even though I had only been asked to make ginger bread I decided to give it a go and try some other ones as well.

So I started sketching…

While carving my droids one by one I was thinking what a genius George Lucas was to clone his ones.

I didn’t have that technology available in my kitchen yet, but my little green Androids were born and cupcakes were created as well.

Isn’t he cute?!

Donuts were bright green (white chocolate) and chocolate covered.

I think my éclair tasted nice. I was wondering if it was actually going to happen in my oven or not but it did work for the second time. It’s not the real authentic yet but I was too excited to have the cake baked and there is always room for development.

At the end I presented my Androids and three versions of the operation system and I was told that the guests liked them which is what matters. I was really happy to make them and I my creativity got a kickstart so I am ready for the next challenge.

I need to practice anyways since the pastry chef exam is not so far away now…Ooops!

2 Responses to “Cloning Was not an Option”
  1. elly yuana says:

    the android is just too cute 😀

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