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New week, new laptop, new links.

My good old Toshiba decided to retire and now I am already using my sweet new Samsung to type the posts I have been owing you (and myself). There is a lot of catch up to do so I gotta get started.  An overwhelming chaos has been dominating my desk for weeks which I took control of today and now there is some space again to place a laptop in between stacks of paper and notes and recipesbooks. At least I took the first step to get back again.

After that first step there was literally no more. I bent down to pick up a little piece of hair in the morning and I could not stand up anymore. I counted to ten to see if it goes away. It didn’t. OK! Don’t panic! Try changing! Well, it took me about twenty minutes to do so, so I decided it is time to call one of the doctor friends to see if this was normal…I was directed to another doctor for a check up. After two hours of queueing twice at the doctor’s office, being told it was not hernia (Thank God!) and going to five pharmacies to get the right pills I was told I was gonna be OK. If not, then I should go back. Great! I can barely move now but I am hoping that a little bottle of cider and sleeping straight on the floor tonight will help to ease the pain for tomorrow. At least, I can catch up on my readings, blogs and posting.

So here are the links for this pretty fall week:

I have been listening to Kina Grannis for quite a while now and I love her now video for which the y used 288 000 jelly beans. Isn’t that cool?

Even though we are past Halloween, here are some ideas for next year (sorry, i missed last week’s post but I spent three lovely days with my Mom at Lake Balaton)

And if you are getting prepared for another special occasion, make sure EVERYONE understands what you want on your cake.

Even if you don’t speak Hungarian, I still wanted to share with you this new little story book written by Hungarian celebrities for the most amazing Childrens camp. If you buy the book, part of the price will directly go to the funding of the camp.

For some reason, I was not that impressed with Paris (I preferred the countryside) but undisputedly it is unbeatable in desserts and chocolate and bakeries, so I’m sure I’ll be back. And by then I’ll hopefully have a phone smart enough to get that awesome pastry app from David Lebovitz.

Last week I encountered many exciting things, like I got to attend the Dutch eating designer’s, Marije Vogelzung’s Budapest project which was very touching. More on that in a seperate post.

I hope you have sweet dreams this week!

Ps: In case you know some painkiller methods for lowerback pain, don1t hesitate to share…Thanks!

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