Thoughts for Food

Meanwhile my laptop is waiting to be repaired or destined to replacement at the shop I am trying to keep up with the virtual reality through my awesome brother’s netbook and my grandparents’ sluggish, but loyal desktop machine.

I should get posting fast cause my grandma want to type the next chapters of my grandpa’s new book.

I know I am biased, but when it comes to my hometown, I think i am allowed to be biased. I was delighted to see that Budapest was ranked among the top ten most beautiful cities of the world – even though I would have put a couple American cities in there as well…

The Michelin guide is something to listen to and so is the gault Millaut guide which is why it is so exciting that they are soon publishing the first Hungarian version.Do you ever care about these recommendations?

Halloween is big in the anglosaxon culture, and due to the shrinking of the world it is becoming sort of trendy here too. I am invited to this costume party next week and besides wondering what on earth I can wear, I am also thinking of preparing some holiday desserts. Maybe these…or something else.

Even though I spent two years in the States I have never had the chance to make it to a maze. It looks like a fun program in the fall. Especially this one! My maternal grandparents are turning 155 (80+75) together this year and this is the least they deserve – or something even bigger!

I would love to attend a floating dinner. I wonder if this floating dining hall ever makes it on the Danube or if someone build one himself.

And if you are ever looking for some dessert inspiration, here is a site just for you with delicious looking photos.

Even though it is rainy and cold outside, the upcoming holiday might get you excited. We even have a four day weekend which is nice to look forward to.

Hope everyone’s week will be filled with sweet dreams and delights.

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