Thoughts for food


ThomasSo! I guess “frequent posting” is not meant to be for now…as my lovely computer decided to take a break (or worst case scenario give up for forever…which should be a pity as it is only 5 years old and it seems like it was yesterday when my aawesome Georgia dad was setting it up for me. And for which -amongst sooooo many other things – I am very grateful ). This leaves me with just couple of thoughts from this week to share (which is quite cool cause at least you can all see I’m making an effort to try posting more)

It just turned winterry over here with frost on windows and wind on the streets in BP so soon it will be time for wrapping ouselves up in a big blanket with a big mug of hot mulled wine and enjoying the calmness of the upcoming (hopefully) white season.

But before that, here are the pieces from last week I thought you might be interested.

I always love stories about everyday stuff we use and learn how they are results of  – for example – experiments gone wrong.

Spooky cake creations to get you in the Halloween mode. Oh, and y the way, that site is hillarious, but I certainly would not want to be “quoted” here.

I’ve always been interested in seeing Australia and Sydney. This mouthwatering summary of David Lebovitz definitely helps reorganizing my travel wishlist.

I know this is not much but besides having a broken computer I also have a very exciting project going on (not cake related – yet…) and I did not have much time this past week to browse around.

Anyways, I hope y’all have a lovely week. (and in case you have some useful tips for replacing my laptop – I appreciate all comments)

2 Responses to “Thoughts for food”
  1. charlibarley says:

    Nice Thomas! Did you make it all out of fondant?

  2. annabeebakes says:

    Thanks Charli, it’s actually marzipan.

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