Monday Thoughts for Food


I have been reading many cool things about different bakeries, recipes and seeing so many things that I wanted to talk about or just share or just thought it would be interesting to some of you. So I came up with this new column (and first of the blog) with which I can also say Happy Monday to y’all.

I’m mostly gonna be posting links with some comments. Or more comments. Or none at all. Some other bloggers do this kind of posting before the weekend or on Sundays. My idea is not a new innovation but this way I can also keep track of the articles I read. Let me know what you think of this.

I was blown away by this butcher shop in Sydney – and was wondering whether I should wear my little black dress to go for meat shopping.

These little men make me feel like Gulliver in the kitchen.

What would choose for your breakfast?

Looks like a great family business.

I made this Thomas for a little boy’s birthday – it’s got more wrinkles than it should but it turned out OK considering it was the first one. Do you have any cool and interesting links to share? Let me know and I wish you a happy Monday with Steve Jobs’ inspiring address at Stanford! He was quite a genius!

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

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