Hanging in there

Hi there! I’m still hanging in there and will post more even though I have had a pretty interesting couple of weeks after losing my job. Despite the mutual enthusiasm and will for cooperation it did not work out. I am sad it didn’t but also relieved and I think that now comes the adventurous part. A little rest, more baking and we’ll see what the future brings…will keep you updated.

No promises, but I do have some posts on my mind’s list for you so hopefully will be posting more soon.I have been reading a lot lately besides actually baking so I am really looking forward to seeing the improvement in the kitchen as well.

I also had a pretty efficient weekend, and besides getting many things done and checking off tons of things on my to-do list, I hung up some new tools in the kitchen as well. Somehow my (not so little) family also picked up on my baking addiction and surprised me with lots of cake accessories and baking appliances. They’re cool! Of course, they got cake in return. You can see the one dedicated to my borther. But no worries you’ll see the other one later as well.

Festő Öcsémnek festői torta

My next week is gonna be very busy but I show you how neat my hanging things are in the kitchen.

I’ve been thinking about swapping my kitchen with the living room so I can have enough space to bake… crazy, right?

Hanging with cakes

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