Karate Kid á la mode

I like the Karate Kid movie. Honestly, who doesn’t? The new one is OK with Jaden Smith, but for some reason I prefer the old one – maybe just because I watched it more times when I was a kid. It was the kind of American movie that made you believe that with hard work you can achieve your dreams and I loved how Mr. Miyagi got the works around the house done by training Daniel. I used to laughat the age of 5-6 how the kid hated doing the same things over and over, and after the second chore the audience knew that it was for his benefit. You could sort of see Mr. Miyagi wink to you while Daniel was getting fed up not knowing how much he was actually learning…

Well, I am not even close to getting fed up but I do feel like the Karate Kid every once in a while – except that I am battling cakes and creams and believe me, they are scary sometimes. Seperating 90 eggs for one thing. Cutting a cake in four equal pieces is not that easy, not even when you do it for the hundredth time. Or folding whipped egg whites into a batter without breaking it. Or filling a cake and make it even and smooth looking. Or piping batter on the baking tray – no to mention, piping cream on a cake for decoration.I am doing these things every single week and I am not even close to perfect…

I even have my own Mr. Miyagi who makes fun of me – but of course just because he cares.
And my layers of cake are actually getting much more even than in the beginning. My decoration starts making sense. I measure the ingredients with my eyes and it’s getting more and more accurate. There are some  (below 5 yet) recipes I know by heart and I am not freaking out when I have a huge spreading knife in my hand…

These are small steps but in the end I hope I will be able to make cakes for my friends, family and whoever asks me to or prepare the wedding cake that one of my friends asked for next May…

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