Impromptu Chocolate Cups

A couple weeks ago I won a box of chocolate cups on a spring recipe idea contest of a blog written by a great gal whom I met through the pastry chef classes. Her chocolate skills are pretty amazing and her blogposts are mouthwatering (her photos are amazing too, so even if you don’t speak/read Hungarian you get the idea…).

So, I won these cups (btw she didn’t know who the winners are until I emailed her my username…) and honestly had no idea what to do with them as they wouldn’t really involve baking and I had no clue what to fill in them. I had the box laying on my kitchen table for weeks…Choco Lux Cups

…Then this weekend after doing some reorganizing in the kitchen as well, I realized I had some leftover marzipan and immediately thought of the Anthon Berg dessert I get from some of my friends for my birthday. It is a liqueur infused marzipan with some jelly and covered by chocolate. I love it!

I quickly did some further inventory check and was ready to rock’n’roll. I also had some Cointreau orange liqueur straight from the Angers factory, orange marmalade from London and some orange zest in syrup I had prepared. Perfect constellation!

This is how I did it:

I opened the box of chocolate cups made with Belgian chocolate and put a half teaspoon of marmalade in each cup.  Then I chopped the jellied orange zest in tiny pieces and along with some Cointreau I added it to the marzipan. I kneaded the marzipan until it became homogenous again then cut it in 14 equal pieces (after continuous flavor chekings…)

I rolled tiny cilinders fitting right into the cups to cover the marmalade.

And that’s it. That simple.

Considering how impromptu this dessert was created I think they turned out pretty yummy and the slight alcoholic touch just gives it an extra spark. We’ll see what the testers say…

Oh, and btw today is CHILDREN’S DAY so go out and PLAY!

One Response to “Impromptu Chocolate Cups”
  1. Ed says:

    Nyami. De ennék egyet 🙂

    Valahogy ez a csokoládé, a formája, a különböző rétegek, a kecsesség, vizuálisan hasonlóságot mutat a Tim Burton féle szívkirálynő jelmezzel. Csak én látom így ????

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