Summer lovin’

Have you ever felt that you feel the beginning of summer? I have. And today was just like that. Perfect summer day…and it all just started…

Waking up without alarm clocks, going for a run by the river in the sunshine and kicking off the canning season with some gorgeous elderberry flowers. Though I did not bake anything today I was pretty productive and had loads of fun doing it.

However, I did realize that I spend more money on chocolate and flour than clothes which is pretty scary but oh well, each to its own…

The last two weeks have been pretty exhausting workwise but I realized that baking and buzzing in the kitchen relax me, so in between long (and I mean very loooong) days at the office I made apple pies or went for a walk up the hill to pick some elderberry flower. This totally marks the beginning of the summer for me and the park and green chilled me.

I soaked the flowers in water with lemon days ago and waited for having some time to finish the syrup. Today was the day. So, I made some elderberry flower and peppermint syrup for summer refreshments. My grandpa already called me how much he liked the drink he had made from it. My Dad called to see if I need more flowers…Why not? And Mom just sent some extra bottles…

I also made some wild garlic pesto, strawberry-rhubarb and strawberry-peppermint jam and to close the day I made some milk rice to have with the jam and strawberry that didn’t fit in the jars…Delish! Busy day, right?

Bring on the summer!

How do you know when summer is here for you?

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