Rooting for Beet

I used to be very picky when it came to food in my childhood. I hardly ate anything – meaning: I only ate what I liked. And much of that. And this didn’t give me too much to choose from. I even spat my Mom in the eye (age 1) with the food I didn’t like – yet she still loves me…oh, the greatness of moms! I have pretty much overcome this quite useless habit but still kept some dishes and vegetables on the to-avoid-list. However I have also developed a much handier capability of getting to like what I make from things I think I don’t like…huh, does this make any sense to you?Beetroot

Anyways, beetroot used to be on this above mentioned list and I could not ever figure how to beat my aversion of this beautifully colored vegetable. Until one day when my cool former colleague (who’s also a foodie btw) came up to me with a recipe printed from a Hungarian food site. I immediately noticed beetroot among the ingredients and looked up uncomprehendingly. She had known about my make-it-and-like-it theory so she thought I should give it a try. And I did. I am very pleased with the result and even grateful to her for making me like beetroot. Cause I do like it now. One item off the list. Cool! Even my Dad liked it until not finding out what it has inside…

If you are up for some new combinations, here is how the recipe goes:

350-400 grams cooked beetroot (or baked in the oven)

300 ml canola oil

5 eggs

280 grams flour

3 ts baking powder

100 grams cocoa powder

380 grams sugar

3 ts vanilla sugar

Cook (or bake) the beets, then peel them when they are cooled. Cut them in pieces and add them to the oil in the blender. While mixing add the eggs piece by piece.

Mix flour, baking powder, sugar and vanilla sugar and the cocoa powder. Then add the beetroot mixture to the dry ingredients. Mix again.

Beetroot chocolate cake batter

Grease a cakepan and when the batter is smooth, pour it in the cakepan then bake for about 40-50 minutes.

When the cake is ready, let it cool for about ten minutes in the pan and then put it on a rack for further cooling.

Decorate as you’d like.

Before starting my apprenticeship I wasn’t really into decorating – but nowadays it seems like I can’t make a simple pan of brownies without decorating it. I think I am feeling a bit under pressure because of the upcoming exams (note: upcoming = next March…) and because I feel I lack the talent for professional decoration. It’s OK for an amateur but I see ladies who decorate their cakes magnificently as if it was the most natural thing on Earth.

What about you – do you decorate cakes?

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