Secret Garden

I have always dreamt of a secret garden – the sort where you can hide away from everyday trouble, where your heart is healed and your soul finds peace anytime. Like in the book where the kids transform and become happy – I love that story… I know having a garden is quite a challenge in the middle of the big city (though not totally impossible…) but year by year my hunger for the enchanted charm of flowers evolves and I slowly and gradually turn my little front porch into a magic garden.

The first year I got 3 geranium seedlings from my dad and I planted some flower seeds as well (don’t know name till today). I watched them grow and bloom all through summer. Last year I even had some herbs planted (that were mischievously invaded by some unidentified creatures but they kept growing) besides my geraniums that my dad had safekept for me during winter in his garage.

This year I took on an experimental attitude and brought some novelties home to see what happens to them. I got a strawberry and a cranberry seedling that are supposed to be providing fruit as well – if they feel OK. I also planted peppermint, basil and rosemary. (The vicious unidentified creatures are back and I will have to figure out a way to keep them away from my little garden.)

I have a little lantana I am looking forward to see growing and I have two hibiscus plants that I am hoping to see blossoming – they haven’t had flowers yet but hopefully this year they come up with some beauties.

I have been dreaming of having a big hydrangea bush with pretty blue balls of  flowers but I was told they prefer shady gardens and since I have direct sunshine all through the day in front of my door (which I am most definitely NOT complaining about) I postponed the hydrangea project to a further time.

My mom has kept plants and flowers forever. She has a green thumb, so to say, and up until a couple of years ago I was just watching how she turned every room into a green jungle or how her geraniums blossomed from nothing to bushy red flows of beauty in the summertime. I admired her for the care she was giving to the plants besides all the amazing things she did for us. I am grateful to have such an amazing Mom and I thank her for everything she’s taught me.

Thank you Mom! And my two grandmas! They are all exquisite and special ladies! Happy Mother’s Day!

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